“Sunset Baby”
Particularly under the direction of Bakari Lebby and within the intimate side stage theatre at Trustus, “Sunset Baby” is a play that thrusts the audience into the disordered lives of its main characters.
— Allison Willingham - Midlands Anchor

“Sunset Baby”

Written by Dominique Morriseau

Direction and Sound & Projection Design by Bakari Lebby

Trustus Theatre - 2018

directing logos_Some Girl(s).png

"Some Girl(s)"

Written by Neil LaBute

Direction, Sound Design & Projections by Bakari Lebby

Workshop Theatre - 2017


Lebby’s direction is confident and intricate, allowing each actor to bring LaBute’s gritty, meandering, ultra-natural prose to life. [...] The director has cleverly cast five women who are adept at creating disparate characters, yet who all resemble each other in some way; the guy clearly has a “type.” [...] The universality of the issues raised, and the ability of the director and cast to express them, make this production a success.
— August Krickel - Free Times

directing logos_Stick Fly.png
One thing is certain: director Bakari Lebby is a rising star on the local theater scene, and his expert touch can be seen throughout this thought-provoking production [...] I cannot stress enough how adeptly the six performers embody their roles, and how masterfully director Bakari Lebby has crafted it all together.
— August Krickel - Free Times

"Stick Fly"

Written by Lydia R. Diamond

Directed & Sound Designed by Bakari Lebby

Workshop Theatre - 2015

directing logos_The Shape of THings.png

"the shape of things"

Written by Neil LaBute

Direction, Sound Design & Projections by Bakari Lebby

Theatre South Carolina - 2013

Workshop Theatre - 2013

[W]hat I normally enjoy most is quirky, character-centric shows with something to say [...], and the very best of those that I have seen in years and years was The Shape of Things, directed by Bakari Lebby – at age 22!! – in two separate and equally excellent productions, first at USC and then at Workshop with a different cast.
— August Krickel - Jasper Magazine